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LOUIS DÉHU champagne has been located for generations in the small village of Venteuil in the heart of the valley of the Marne.


The BRUT TRADITION champagne is made from 20% Chardonnay 40% Pinot Noir and 40% Pinot Meunier. Louis Déhu is an excellent champagne aperitif and appreciated with seafood and fish.


Louis Déhu is a company with a rich history, full devotion to champagne production and constant quality improvement focus. The champagne’s unique quality is the result of a sophisticated process developed by expert craftsmen.


Louis Déhu sets its unconditional focus on using only the highest standard grapes of their own vineyard. This includes limited manuring, prioritization of quality over quantity, a protection aimed at the sanity of grapes and ensuring the optimum ripeness.


Louis Déhu has a major focus on sustainability. Each grape is hand-picked and carefully carried to the wine-press. The obtained grape juice meets all the requirements set by the strict standards of Champagne Quality Charter.


The refined process and quality assurance ensures that Louis Déhu champagne seduces everyone who tastes it.