The Ice Chiller Live and in Person
About This Project

Ice Chiller


Quality and coolness combined: Ice Chiller

To be a restaurateur means to stand out from the crowd and to give guests a lasting positive impression. Being a restaurateur also means to innovate and achieve WOW effects, whether in taste, style or visually. This is where the Ice Chiller comes into play.

What makes the Ice Chiller indispensable?

Hygenic and germ free ice, within 5 seconds…

Sound intriguing? It is!

The entire icing process is a real experience for your valuable guests: CO2 gases, mists and lighting coming from the chrome quality product for great amazement.

What is the best part?

The frozen glasses cause no burns or injuries during direct drinking after icing!

Your guests?

Imagine the look on their face being served cocktails or long drinks in icy -38 degrees glasses? A live experience of art and innovation!


Quality is the base element: The Ice Chiller is TUEV tested and “Made in Germany” quality.

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