About This Project

Gin Sul 


Vabella Entertainment and Beverage Limited (BEV) has entered the premium Gin market with a very well known premium Gin from Hamburg, Germany. Gin Sul is manufactured with love in Hamburg in a small distilery that was manufactured by hand by masters in their field. The botanicals used by the master distilers of Gin Sul make it a real Gin-Gin.


If Hamburg and Portugal had a gin love-child, it would be Gin Sul, a simple and fresh variety made with botanicals and affectionately distilled in small batches. The citrus notes, owed to giant lemons from the Algarve and a Mediterranean flower famous for its fragrant leaves, make this gin special. Many including Christian Kern treasure the gin for its “floral and citrus aromas, hints of liquorice and vanilla and juniper background” which make it aromatic and smooth. Owner Stephan Garbe distills the gin slowly in a homeopathic capacity using 100 liter copper pots. The alcohol vapors rise through a spirit basket which is filled with lemon peel, rosemary sprigs, and rose petal.


Gin Sul’s website attempts to define the apparently untranslatable Portuguese word “Saudade”. It is described as a mixture of longing and nostalgic melancholy; something unattainable which is both beautiful and sad. For us non-Portuguese speakers sipping the gin whose white bottle, ship drawing and light blue writing conjure up the Portuguese coast, may be the closest we come to understanding the word.


Gin Sul is available at selected bars throughout Asia & available for home delivery in Hong Kong.