Iordanov PREMIUM VODKA Hong Kong
About This Project

Vodka Iordanov

German PREMIUM VODKA Hong Kong


 “Playing to all five senses, drink in the experience of Iordanov Vodka”



BEV is exclusively bringing this german premium Vodka to Hong Kong.

In this busy, impatient, modern world there is a demand for immediacy, for speed and for quick delivery. This is too often at the expense of high-quality.
With Iordanov vodka we’re making the conscious effort to slow down, to take a moment and appreciate the entire drinking experience and the full narrative of the “art of vodka”.


What makes Iordanov different?

This boutique vodka brand focuses on the very essence of the word quality. The quality of the vodka, sure, but also the quality of the entire experience. The quality of the crystal-embellished bottle to look at and to touch; the quality of the taste in its purest form; and the quality of the journey the customer will experience from the process of creation, to purchase of the product, through to the perfect pour.


The process

Produced in one of Germany’s oldest distilleries in the picturesque town of Koblenz, situated on the Rhine and Moselle rivers, and with over 150 years of experience in the industry, Iordanov vodka is manufactured from 100% fine wheat and the demineralised crystal-clear water of the Vogelsberg highlands. The vodka is then distilled five times to achieve the rich, gentle and aromatic flavour. After the distillation process, Iordanov vodka is further filtered through charcoals to achieve maximum purity.


The purchase

We are, by nature, tactile individuals. We look, touch and feel in order to fully experience the items that feature in our everyday lives. With this in mind, the beautiful Iordanov vodka bottle encourages sensory interaction with large, handcrafted, crystal-encrusted skulls taking pride of place on otherwise clean-finished, transparent glass. You can see the purity of the vodka; touch, hold and examine; and for those that enjoy the aesthetics of life, vodka enthusiasts and fashion junkies alike will appreciate the eye-catching, limited edition designs that demand attention.

Be aware that only at BEV you can purchase these premium vodka Hong Kong bottles.


The pour

With a bottle design to suit all tastes – whether you opt for Union Jack, pink, silver, red, blue, green or gold! – Iordanov appeals to all the senses. Plus, with many an exciting partnership on the horizon for the brand including exclusive bottles, an app to bring to life the embellished skull and even music collaborations, the Iordanov drinking experience goes beyond touch and taste and opens up a sensual narrative that fuses art, fashion and vodka: this is just the beginning.

So if you’re not afraid to stand out and be seen, then channel your inner rock and roll temperament, chill your glass and breathe in the sound of the perfect pour before treating your taste buds to a sip of the highest-quality, purest vodka from Iordanov.



Vodka Iordanov has been able to conquer a variety of exotic locations and can now be consumed, amongst others, at Nikki Beach Marbella, Nikki Beach Ibiza, Nikki Beach Mallorca, Mambo Ibiza and Equipage Baden Baden. You can now purchase Iordanov premium vodka directly at BEV.